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Ads Basics

  • Maximum number of images per ad is 10.  Maximum image file size is 2 MB.  If you plan to use multiple images we suggest uploading images under 1 MB.  If you have larger images we recommend using Caesium Image Compressor to reduce your overall file size while keeping your images looking great at the same time.
  • Image File Types Supported – JPEG – JPG – PNG – WEBP – GIF
  • Please see this link to add text to your images online.
  • To add a picture logo online click here.
  • Free Ads will expire after 180 days
  • Featured Ads expire after 365 days
  • Go To The Top places your ad at the top of the Featured Ads section for up to 5 days.  Your ads exact placement can be affected by the amount of users who may be “topping off” their own ads.
  • In your ad be as descriptive as possible and fill in as many fields as possible (as they are all searchable).  However if you do not know the answer for a particular field simply leave it blank.
  • The Website Field is intended mainly for Dealers although anyone may use it.
  • For privacy reasons feel free to not add your full address in the address portion.  You may simply use your city and state if you would like to (For instance Miami, FL).  Dealers however should use the location of their dealership for best results.

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